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Call Tracking: Measure ROI of Marketing Campaigns

Call tracking is basically the practice of seeing where calls to your small business have originated. It generally means that your business has much greater control of the calls being made to you and how they relate to sales conversion rates. Call Tracking is an extremely important part of any small business. It will assist you in tracking your separate marketing campaigns and it also provides a true measure of your ROI.

Why Call Tracking is Necessary

Imagine that your business receives hundreds or even thousands of calls a week but doesn’t use any kind of call tracking system. You basically have access only to the information of customers who actually connect, and this information is usually only in the form of basic information (name, phone number, street and email address, etc.) and often a credit card number. Unless some sort of actual over the phone survey is conducted with each caller, there is no way to get much of any demographic or sales enhancing information that can really be used to design marketing campaigns. You have no idea which of your marketing campaigns brought the call in, what the overall demographic profile of the entire call volume is, or often even what occurred in a conversation with your salesperson.

This demonstrates why what is known as”call tracking” is necessary. It remedies all the problems mentioned above and gives your business good and reliable access to all sorts of useful information and statistics about the calls you are receiving. A service with the following sorts of features is a very valuable resource for the small business owner who wants to really drive sales.

Routing Based on Media Source

A good tracking service for sales calls often uses a routing feature whereby different advertising campaigns and media are given their own phone numbers and calls are routed to a database before being sent on to your business office or other phone line. This keeps track of your different marketing campaigns and the resulting calls they have generated clear and well organized. Thus it is very easy to see which types of advertising are generating the most business and to get specific call-origin information which can be used in a variety ways to enhance your sales approaches.

Demographic Information

Often these services will include demographic information in their small business geared packages. This information can give you more information about the specific demographics of callers whether or not the calls actually convert. Demographic information is some of the most important data from a marketing standpoint.

Call Recording

Its important also that a service offers a sophisticated call recording feature. A quality service will store recordings of all incoming calls in an easily accessible database. This allows you, the small business owner, to look into exactly what occurred during the interactions between sales people and customers and can lead to real insights on the way to conduct sales calls and business in general.

Customizable Analytics

Call Tracking ROIA small business needs to use analytics – various ways of analyzing and presenting sales data – just as a large company does. Good tracking software/services offer a number of useful analytics with their software. These can really give your business an edge in knowing how to understand and apply the data your tracking has gathered.

Look for these features in services and software that offers to track calls for you. A high quality package of this type can be a great resource for your business. This sort of phone based tracking and analysis will often exceed a business’ expectations in its usefulness and applicability. It can place your business in the best possible position with respect to knowing what works and what doesn’t in respect to your marketing campaigns.